Meaningful Art Experiences for Individuals with Disabilities

The visual arts hold special significance in all of our lives, and greatly so in those with intellectual or developmental disabilities. Through participation in art-making, individuals of all ages and abilities can use their skills and talents to express themselves and communicate their internal experiences. There is great merit in making something tangible from a variety
of materials, and feel the joy and satisfaction of an original creation. At WCFA, our mission is to connect individuals of all ages and abilities to the arts. For those with disabilities, participation in artistic experiences can enhance a sense of self-determination, efficacy, and decision-making as well as provide a unique opportunity to engage in joyful self-expression in a social and educational setting.

Program Description: The goals of this art-making experience are multifold; to provide an opportunity for systemically underserved populations of disabled adults to enhance self-esteem, strengthen individual functioning, offer an avenue to communicate emotions and feelings through artistic self-expression, and to provide an opportunity to learn from accomplished professionals.

WCFA offers weekly 90 minute art classes that will take place in the organization’s classroom in Warwick, RI. Program participants will be led by professional teaching artists through exploratory art experiences that are designed to offer opportunities for creative open-ended expression for individuals with disabilities. The artists will provide instruction using diverse media and arts practices to engage clients from various local service agencies (such as Spurwink/RI) in artistic exploration.

We strive to keep the participation fees very low and will work with you to determine an affordable rate per class. We require a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 8 students per class.

The series of classes will be a six-week block of 90 minute sessions, with a final exhibition of the students’ portfolios at conclusion of the program. Additional class sessions may be added if there is enough interest. Private workshops for groups may also be arranged. If an individual typically requires an aid they should accompany the student (at no
additional cost).

Please contact Danielle Salisbury, [email protected], 401-737-0010 for more information

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