Lunch & Learn @ WCFA

ART AT NOON ~ take a break and join us for a bring-your-own lunch & art discussion. FREE and open to all creatives & art lovers. May 26 – Beth Goulet

What: An opportunity for creatives to gather and share in a safe, friendly, comfortable community while sharing art and other art-related topics. Short guided topics will be followed with a Q&A and open participation. 

Why: Curiosity, learning and inspiration are integral parts of every artist’s journey.  Artists grow and learn from each other by sharing their experiences, struggles and accomplishments. Collaboration, support and mentorship is what nourishes not only the artists’ individual soul but also the seeds in our community garden.  A flower is just a flower on its own, but a garden claims a stake in the land and gets noticed. 

Honoring and lifting up our community of artists & creatives is an important part of our mission and one of our essential values at Warwick Center for the Arts.

As your community art center, WCFA is that space for you. this opportunity for local artists to come together in our gallery space on a regular basis, at no cost to share ideas and conversation. Join us!

June 30
TBD – Do you have a topic for discussion or a sample of artworks to show and tell? Contact us with your

The Details: 

  1. We will begin this monthly starting in January 2023 Fridays from 12:00 – 1:30 pm in the gallery at Warwick Center for the Arts. 
  2. Guests are encouraged to bring their own bag lunch (we can also suggest local takeout options). Complimentary water, coffee & tea will be available in the WCFA kitchen. There will be tables and chairs, presentation materials including a projector and screen (if desired).
  3. There will be a sign up for artists interested in sharing a specific topic and guiding the discussion. It can be a simple 10-15 minute talk/presentation in whatever format they choose (from simple blurb to a powerpoint/video presentation or hands-on activity – presenters choice). You can share your artwork, projects you are working on, ideas, tips on techniques you’ve learned…
  4. After the 15 minute presentation, guests are invited to participate in casual Q&A and conversation. You are welcome to stay and enjoy the current exhibit in the gallery for the rest of the afternoon, or get back to work after lunch. 
  5. We kindly ask that you clean up after yourself and provide advance notice if you will need any special materials (projector, etc.) and if you offer a hands-on activity, please specify what the clean up requirements will be. 
  6. This is being offered FREE to all participants – which also means that you will not be paid as a speaker/presenter.

This is a pay it forward, community sharing project!

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