Mindfulness Meditation


Monday, May 30, 6:30pm

Still Together Mindfulness Meditation Group Virtual Session (via Zoom)

Moving from Grief to Compassion to Resilience.*
A zoom link will be sent in a separate email before the session.

At the moment, many of us are feeling empathy for the suffering people of Uvalde,Texas. We may also be experiencing other strong emotions – including grief, frustration, anger, and helplessness. Emotions are part of the shared human experience. Being with others who are experiencing similar feelings can provide immense comfort and support.

While meditation doesn’t change the way we feel, it does change our experience and perspective of those feelings. Practicing mindfulness meditation for grief (or other strong emotions), or observing thoughts and feelings without judgment or reaction, helps the body and mind find peace and refuge in a time of great change.

This will be a quiet hour of shared, guided meditation. Zoom link will be sent on Sunday for Monday’s session.
To request zoom link, contact: [email protected]. Questions and suggestions always welcome.

*Please note, Mindfulness mediation practice may not be appropriate for persons experiencing serious mental or physical health challenges, chemical dependencies or suicidal feelings. Please discuss any of these concerns with your healthcare provider.

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 Meditation sessions with Paulette’s guidance provide a welcome relief from my very busy life. A moment to connect with others and myself to reflect on kindness and self acceptance in a non judgmental and beautiful setting at WCFA. VG