Monoprinting with Gel Press Plates

  • Saturday, June 3rd
  • 9:00 am to 12:00 noon
  • Adult / All levels
  • $45 (WCFA Members 10% off) MEMBER10
  • All supplies are provided

Have you discovered the FUN of using a gel printing plate monoprinting technique? A gel printing plate, sometimes called a gelli plate, is a sort of soft and sticky plate made out of a polymer material. Gel Press Gel Printing Plates are a modern take on traditional gelatin printing. They offer many benefits over printing on plexiglass or gelatin. They’re also non-toxic, latex-fee and 100% vegan! Unlike some traditional printing techniques, monoprinting with a Gel Plate doesn’t require any sort of press.

In this workshop you will be able to make multiple prints that you can use in other mixed media projects, collage, notecards and more.

Veronica Janssen has spent a lifetime exploring many art mediums starting from crayons and pencils to watercolor, acrylic paint and more. She is drawn to color and texture and her work is mostly abstract mixed media, inspired by intuition and imagination. Using the Gelli Plate has influenced her artist expression in many ways as a tool that provides unexpected results that adds extra depth and interest in her artwork.

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