The Art of Storytelling (for ages 4-6) July 5 – July 9 | 9am – 12pm

(please arrive by 11:45 to see the daily performances!)

Where does theatre begin? Storytelling!

Kids from ages 4 to 6 can flex their imagination through the stories of their favorite books. In the early part of the morning, the students will do a series of theatre warm ups for younger children. Next, they’ll review classic stories beloved by parents and kids alike and learn how to express these stories with voice and sounds. Then they will have the opportunity to craft a costume and/or prop to help tell each story, which will be featured in a short performance at the end of the session. If your young one has an interest in theatre, crafting, creativity, and stories, sign them up for The Art of Storytelling!

All supplies included.

Instructor: Noelle Salisbury

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 Meditation sessions with Paulette’s guidance provide a welcome relief from my very busy life. A moment to connect with others and myself to reflect on kindness and self acceptance in a non judgmental and beautiful setting at WCFA. VG