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Our Board & Staff


Director: Taylor Terreri


Board of Directors:

  • Stephany Hessler - President
  • Pam Unwin-Barkley - Vice President
  • Diane Newman-Goins - 2nd Vice President
  • Jennifer Lucente - Treasurer
  • Brianne Neptin - Secretary 
  • Susan Aitcheson, Sharon Knickle, Nicole Martucci, & Michelle Place-Gleason

Board of Advisors:

  • Sue Baker - Planning Department, Warwick City Hall
  • Kaleena Harrington - Freelance Grant Writer
  • Alfred T. Marciano, CPA - Charland, Marciano & Company
  • David R. Petrarca, Jr., Esq - Ruggerio Brochu

Board Membership:

We welcome inquiries from community professionals who care about connecting people to the cultural arts. Our volunteer board works actively to support the arts in Warwick and beyond, by serving on committees that contribute to WCFA and its creative programming. 

Currently we seek experience in finance, grant writing and fundraising, marketing and PR, and performing arts programming. Interested candidates should mail their resume with a cover letter that explains how they'd like to contribute their time and talents to the organization.

Non-Profit Status

U.S. Tax Return