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Artist Members

Artist Members

Emerging and established artists have been showcased in our main gallery for nearly 40 years. Artists are featured in open and juried exhibits, group shows, and exhibits co-sponsored by Rhode Island State Council on the Arts and other organizations. 

We're pleased to highlight the artist members below who support our mission, and hope you'll learn more about them online.

Bob Adams 

Lynne Albright

Jeannine Anderson

John Andreozzi

Gail Armstrong

Janet Austin   

Marjorie Ball

Eileen Barrett 

Donato Beauchaine

Robin Beckwith 

Robert Berlyn

Ann E. Bianchi 

Herman Brewster  

Lorraine Bromley

Marcia Blair 

Tracey Boyajian

Kingshuk Bose  

Damon Campagna

Ryan Campbell

Barbara Canning 

Robert Chase

Giles Cloutier

Alba Curti

Susan Czernicka

Barbara Grace DeCesare

Cynthia DiDonato   

Beth Drainville   

Gail Dusseault

Linda Eastman

Robert Easton

Sharon D. Eisman 

Sharon Estes

Nancy Gaucher-Thomas

Jean Gallup

Gregory Goins

Bernice Griffeth

Jean Green

Victoria Guerina

Jason Hack  

Elaine Hardman

Diane Heilig

Patricia Henry

Kathy Humphreys

Mehr Jabin Iftikhar

Wendy Ismaili

Bonnie Jaffe   

Marc Jaffe 

Karen James 

Lori Jeremiah  

Michele Keir

Jennifer Kiluk

Iwona Lapczyk

Margery Lebeau   

Naomi Lipsky  

Eveline Luppi   

Dylan Macleod

Claire Marschak

Patty Martucci

Craig Masten

Paul M. Murray 

Juditta Musette

Nancy Nielsen   

Ronna Pate

Mahendar Paul

John Pitocco

Aileen Quinn  

Sarah Quinn

Jennifer rolfsema

Jane Rollins

Nancy Rowett

George Salter

Danielle Salisbury

Susan Kelley Scotti

Leo Selvaggio

Carol Shelton

Ashley Shwebel

Beverly Silva  

Louise St. Pierre

Rebecca Hamilton Stockdill  

Oindrila Sikdar   

Sharon Smith   

Rebecca Stockdill

Patricia Szydlo

Elinor Thompson

Julie Thorpe

Anthony Tomaselli

Judy Vilmain

Erin Walsh   

Cindy Wilson

Susan Klass Wright

Jane Yacovone

Sophia Yee